Carrier Battles, the Pacific 1942-1944 :

Take command of task forces of carriers, ships and other naval air forces. Find the forces of your opponent and strike at them before they sink your precious carriers, while preventing them from invading key points in the theatre of operations or supporting your own amphibious operations.

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  • Solitaire play again powerful US (new in desktop version) or Japanese AI
  • 6 historical scenarios: Coral Sea May 42, Midway June 42, Eastern Solomon Aug 42, Santa Cruz Oct 42, Guadalcanal Dec 42, Bismarck Sea March 43
  • Varied Hex maps with a scale of 30 miles per hex
  • 80 types of warplanes, historical ships
  • Naval-air search, radar, progressive intelligence gathering on enemy naval forces
  • Air strikes against naval and land targets, surface battles
  • Advanced damage system
  • Invasion, naval bombardment
  • Turn-based system
  • A nice on-boarding sequence will guide the player to the depth of the game
  • Available in English and in French
  • No internet connection required to play against the AI


We will soon also offer 4 extra scenarios as DLC:

  • a 7th scenario covering the landing at Bougainville and airstrikes against Rabaul in November 1943
  • a 8th scenario covering the evacuation of Guadalcanal by Japanese troops in Jan/Feb 1943
  • a 9th scenario covering the US invasion of Guadalcanal in August 1942
  • a 10th scenario covering the US carrier raids against Japanese positions in Feb/Mar 1942



The game was originally developed as a timely manner exclusively for iPad by Indie developer Cyril Jarnot

It started in 2013. The greater challenge was on the user interface.
How to render such a bug maps and so many counters and action on a mobile device ?
How to give depth to the game while keeping it intuitive once the player has learned the basics ?

At the beginning the project was just a try to depict the carrier battles in the South Pacific and it later evolved to a decent beta. Then more and more ideas came in during the development phase, while exchanging with other players.

CB4G was released to the Apple store in May 2016 for the iPad, and in 2018 a version for the iPhone became available.

Chaines d'ancre

Since its beginning, the game has greatly improved :

  • 5 extra scenarios
  • weather
  • search pattern
  • multi-player
  • and much more

And now we are adapting the game for desktop (PC and Mac) and also Android, including more features too.

All the above would not have been made possible without the aficionados always eager to make suggestion or devoted testing!

Many thanks also in particular to blogger David Neumann on BGG for the occasional promotion of the game.

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" [...] a solid WW2 naval wargame built around a great interface. It’s a realistic simulation that is accessible and fun [...] "

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Level : Expert

Download the rules (PDF)

This is a short summary of the rules of the Carrier Battles game. The more advanced and detailed rules are directly accessible ingame from the Rules menu.

A scenario



Air operations

* We can send CAP protect a friendly squadron

* We can recline on a friend base

Air combat

Surface combat

Naval bombardment

Naval transport

Victory Points

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Carrier Battles
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