Android version ready for open tests

Dear players,

Several years after iOS and one year after the desktop, the Android version is ready for Early access on Google Play Store !

Remaining bugs (depends on device, not always reproduced, seems to affect older or low-end phones)

  • Loading bar missing or blinking scene load
  • Strange zooming issue at the beginning

That is the reason of being of this public beta : check on large panel (an advantage but also a nightmare) of devices the general behaviour of the game before unleashing in the nature.

Note that you must pay to get the public beta version. The real price shall be around 10 € / 12 USD

This way, you will get the production version of the game with all automatic updates.

The game is quite demanding, so it requires a modern device.

At least 2 Go of RAM, 64-bits, android 9 and a decent processor.

Private feedback shall be given / answered by email or via Google Play

Included based features

  • 11 scenarios
  • Play Japan or the USA against the AI

Not yet available features

  • Multi-player
  • Seaplanes, Advanced fog of war In-app

Thank you all
We wish you a very nice summer time !!


Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal