Steam awards 2023

The Steam awards for 2023 have started, here is a chance to vote for us on the Labour of Love award for Carrier Battles, here !

Updates 1.1.10 – 1.11.11

Changelog for these new patchs. Update 1.11.11Bug fixes: Detach action was not responsive Update 1.1.10Indian Ocean Raid Reduced British seaborne AA Sea hurricane air-to-air rating drops to 2. CAP Vectoring:…

Carrier Battles is on Fanatical

Carrier Battles and his three DLCs are now also available on Fanatical. Please see directly on this page for the base game or click on the following link for our…

Home of Wargamers 2023

We shall be participating in the HOME of WARGAMERS 2023 event. Good prices and discounts during one week, starting today, this September 11th, 2023. See all our games there.