Update 1.1.15

Water layer positioning on the Indian Ocean map (map effects). Resigning an online which has really started. Push overboard: the pop-up was not always displayed.

Update 1.11.14

Changelog for this new patch. Multi-player issues when joining a game with random sides.

Steam awards 2023

The Steam awards for 2023 have started, here is a chance to vote for us on the Labour of Love award for Carrier Battles, here !

Roadmap 2024-2025

For info on the game evolvement, also check the roadmap  on www.patreon.com. With work ongoing on a second game, and soon on a third, the pace of development on Carrier…

Updates 1.1.10 – 1.11.11

Changelog for these new patchs. Update 1.11.11Bug fixes: Detach action was not responsive Update 1.1.10Indian Ocean Raid Reduced British seaborne AA Sea hurricane air-to-air rating drops to 2. CAP Vectoring:…