Carrier Battles’ Roadmap Updated

Following the latest release of Carrier Battles – Into the Wind and the Ceylan scenario, the next idea is to enter year 1944.

Of course, the most exciting one would be the Marianna’s Sea or the Philippine’s Sea battles.

This would require a bit of work.

  • New map(s)
  • Lots of new ships and probably some airplanes
  • Balance
  • New rules for the US Navy (cap vectoring, enhanced AA with proximity fuze, improved radar, etc…)

To make it simpler for 2024, we could enter 1944 by the back door.

A scenario gathering 3 operations, occurring in Feb 44, after the bloody landing at Tarawa.

  • Operation Flintlock: capture of Kwajalein and Majuro
  • Operation Catchpole: capture of Eniwetok
  • Operation Hailstone : raid on Truk

Check this impressive newsreel showing the merciless US attack.

As per Essex scenario, we are going to explore an alternative world where Japan decided to commit the Combined Fleet to check the US advance.

Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal - Updated roadmap 2024