Carrier Battles roadmap

Dear players,

we must say that these last 12 days were quite stressful, in particular for our lone developer: Carrier Battles go-live, family life, school, some expected turmoil in the company employing the dev (Carrier Battles is not the dev’s primary job… so please help him to switch to game development) , etc.

Hopefully, major bugs have been fixed and the current version appears stable, with updates made almost daily.

Now It is time for doing the fun part of creation, so let’s take into account some of your suggestion 🙂

What could be foreseen in a 1.1 version update

  • Keys to advance turn and to navigate to next TF
  • Toggle on/off the hex grid
  • Emphasise of the autopilot destination
  • A range indicator (if possible)
  • Enhanced CAP combat (if necessary)
  • Other miscellaneous good stuff and minor fixes

If all goes as planned, you may expect a release in about 3 weeks, but the scope may vary depending on the difficulty and the timing.

What will be studied for a 1.2

  • Play by email
  • Chinese language. We have already 95% of the text. But we need to adapt the font to the Chinese characters, and that graphical part takes longer than one may think (due to the number of ‘words’)

Of course, we did not forget or dropped the various other suggestions, but we just tried to make a balance with what can be realistically achieved in a rather small time span.

… and Avalon is also pushing the dev to take some vacation… an exhausted man makes mistakes, which in turn means more work and bugs to fix.

Anyway, in the meantime, have a nice week-end, have fun and take care !!!

Avalon & Carrier Battles