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Mobile Experience

The first week of October was quiet, and mainly dedicated to a bit of minor fixes. A good occasion to check what would render the desktop game on mobile platforms.

A first major hurdle lied in the memory. The game had to be optimised to run on tablet or phones: the necessary RAM dropped from about 3.5 GB to 1.5 GB. This should be enough to win on modern devices with at least 2-3 GB.

The interface also adapts itself to “notched” devices as you can see on the attached screenshot

Some hard-points have been discovered though – performance is poor. It takes too much time to load a game, and to go to next turn – some features are not working in the current state – the UI would need some adjustment on small screens So, still a lot of work which will be carried out as a timely manner For the moment, the legacy iOS app is still updated until the new version takes over.