Patch 1.10

Changelog for the patch v1.10 :

* The play-by-email has been removed as the online asynchronous mode is replacing it
* Delete online account
* The saved game size has been cut by half for faster downloading
* During the opponent’s turn, you may write a message, surrender or send a gentle reminder

Air Search
* The distance used to compute the chance to find is increased by 1 every 3 hexes
* A major fire increases the chance of being discovered
* Partial info transmitted by scout: the error may be up to 1/4 of the distance (was 1/5)

* Radio -20% instead of -15% per hex for the Japanese. Halved for a pure-fighter airstrike
* The chance to find its target has been reduced for fighters and lone air units
* Added a 1-hex margin for a safer return of long-range CAP

Air Op
* Variable fuel cost: the fuel amount has been doubled and fighters consume much less than bombers, see Air op rules
* Ability to push aircraft overboard with via right-click / long-press
* Automatic creation of seaplane bases
* Display of a small plane symbol on carriers when there are at least 2 air units on deck: observed on own CV or during a battle

* Midway: additional penalties for Japanese scouts while the strategic surprise is running
* Essex: updated victory conditions for the US

* Added heavy AA values on the TF reorganization screen
* Black triangles will indicate if there are CAP and/or ASW protection on the TF counter

* The chance for air unit to detect a submarine in a clear hex is only divided by 2 instead of 4
* The encounter chance is halved against a TF not matching the target type
* Submarines do not attack ships in an airbase hex during daylight

* Larger and always visible scroll bar
* Zoom on mobile

* Touch/click on the map button to iterate though map pieces
* A simple arrow is emphasizing the autopilot destination hex

Technical improvement
* The game sides and sequence have been generalized which is opening room for other games