Release Notes for the upcoming v1.7

Scenarios :

New what-if scenario: Operation FS July 1942. included with Advanced Fog of War
Watchtower: US carriers embed more fighters
Essex: reduced Japanese set-up are to the North

Air Operations

Time estimates are more stable
PC/Mac CTRL-Z to undo the last action
PC/Mac Easier TF selection as airstrike target when within a stack
PC/Mac Possibility to rebase aborted or damaged air units when unable to land on their carrier
Search leg indication (inbound, cross, return) with a small arrow on the scout counter
Fighter-bombers were sometimes losing their bomb config during an airstrike preparation


PC/Mac/Android Ability to rename and/or duplicate a saved game
Do not reveal the loss of ship seaplane capability to the enemy
Advanced fog of war: do not display airstrike on map if your side is believing that all planes have been destroyed
Advanced fog of war: enemy fighters could be seen as Damaged in an incoming airstrike or flying as CAP
When changing the return base of an airstrike, if some units may not land on the new base, they will split and keep their original destination
Android: the display might be less dark than before
Android: Avoid illegal naval moves