Release notes for version 1.9

Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal - patch v. 1.9 changelog

A preview of the release notes for the next version (1.9 changelog).

New content (in-app / DLC):

– Submarines
– New scenario Torpedo Alley, September 1942


– Assign mission and target for your subs during the set-up of most of the scenarios
– The computer will handle movement and encounter with enemy ships
– TF will never be safe anywhere on map, so a decent DD escort is handful
– Flip ships to see historical sunk date, torpedoes and depth charges
– Manage your ASW forces

Air Operation UX

– Larger Hangar
– New ASW bow when playing with submarines

What’s next ?

– The next version focus on technical enhancement before extending the game
– It is the occasion to add small improvement on autopilot, counters, screen UX, etc….
Please revert with your best & realistic wishes