Roadmap 2021+

This roadmap gives the links between the different features.

The survey allowed to sort out the preferred enhancement.
A campaign is clearly an ultimate goal. It will start with a linked scenario style which is already a lot of work as you can see on the layout.

Seaplanes were reintroduced with the 1.3 (PC/Mac), Play by email with the 1.2.
The 1.5 has provided a September 1943 scenario along with better performance.

The 1.6 shall provide the Advanced Fog of War module which will conceal the precise enemy air & naval losses until the end of the game.

There is no strong timeline and nothing is set in stone.
However, little by little, the simulation will get better and better.

Think big, start small !


Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal - Roadmap 2021