Updates 1.0.14 to 1.0.17

Changelogs for these recent small patchs.

Version 1.0.14

– Changing the priority immediately updates the estimated time of preparation of the different missions on the air op screen
– Moves between CAP or Landing box to Strike Box are open again
– Crashing air unit upon landing were sometimes not destroyed (they should be) and were not refuel and has a weird endurance displayed

Version 1.0.15

– 2nd Tutorial : the IJN had far too many carrier airplanes
– Aircraft were sometimes not fully refueled after landing

Version 1.0.16

Crash fix specific to seaplane base

Version 1.0.17b

– Endurance issues after undoing a mission

IMPORTANT : when you encounter an issue, use F10 key to report it.
This will ship a bunch of errors logs, game data, a screenshot plus any text from your own
Very important to reproduce and quickly fix the problem

Leaving an email address is a good option in order to get some precision on the issue and to help solving it

Grant access to MyDocuments / Document

If the game ask you for permission to write in your documents it is ti save your games
Check if the permission has been denied or if the anti-virus is interfering

This may cause save and freeze issues (at end of each phase especially)

Will try to add a messageBox on the home screen if a permission error is detected when the game is launched