You are currently viewing Update 1.2 – Pbem – Japanese – Chinese

Update 1.2 – Pbem – Japanese – Chinese

Important update with the PBEM feature and 2 new languages

Dear players of Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal,

A new major version is now available. You may now play the game against a human opponent by using the PBEM system.


  • Play-by-Email mode
  • Possibility to launch a new game with a random side
  • Possibility to select options at random without knowing which options are active or not
  • The scenario info screen list the selected options for the current game
  • Wake, Revenge Raid scenarios : new option


  • The map should only controllable by keyboard and joystick. This will be prevent any joystick-like hardware to mess up with map scrolling
  • Miscellaneous fixes
  • Technical upgrade of Unity components


  • Because of the necessary changes in the game data model, on former games, you may notice the absence of old events
  • The PDF has been updated


What’s next

There is a huge roadmap ahead of us. The 1.3 should see the addition of one major feature among submarines, seaplanes, advanced fog fo war, wind, radio silence, search & destroy

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