Updates 1.10.015 to 1.10.020

Changelogs for these recent patchs.

Update 1.10.020
Bug fixes:
– Transports having lost their seaplane capacity lose they orange square on the ship counter
– Seaplanes were not automatically rebasing when looping around their damaged home ship
– Potential loss of target payload when spotting aircraft on deck on 2P games

It is possible to units which are unable to land on a carrier to a different airbase at night

Update 1.10.019
The ratio winners score vs loser’s score was not rounded correctly potentially causing tactical victories to be displayed as draws

Update 1.10.018
– A detected enemy seaplane base was not visible on map
– It should not be possible to move retiring TF (black stripe). These are moved at the end of turn by the AI

Update 1.10.017
– Bismarck Sea : – the scenario starts at 09:20 with Japanese TRS loaded at Rabaul
– After a merge, TF’ AA was temporarily displayed in big font on map

Update 1.10.015 & 1.10.016
Bug fixes:
– Detaching TF is now operational again