Updates 1.4.1 to 1.4.7

Changelogs for these recent patchs.

Update 1.4.7
– Opening of a Seaplane base in a hex usually used by the enemy : the base was not visible on map or on air op screen
– Image for the scenario Revenge Raids

Update 1.4.6
– Minor fixes on the detach and merge screen

Update 1.4.5
– Revenge raids: TF11 could be potentially blocked on the NE of Rabaul once the surprise has been lost

Update 1.4.4
– Removed the red badge once the link to the survey has been clicked
– It is now possible to pan the map before placing the autopilot flag

Update 1.4.3
– Improve the selection of the screen resolution
– Display of tutorial steps for non-english languages
– Miscellaneous fixes

Update 1.4.1
Bug fixes:
– Text of the first step for the Search tutorial
– Direct, Oil and Disorder infos are back on top of TF counters