Updates 1.9.2 to 1.9.9

Changelogs for these recent patchs.

Update 1.9.9
Bug fixes
– Once the fire control radar has been destroyed, this was not reflected on the ship counter
– fog of war: on an enemy airstrike detected on map, do not disclose the real payload: endurance and air to sea factors are showing default values
– Submarine hits were not always causing loss of life
– Submarine VP were attributed to the wrong side

Update 1.9.8
Bug fixes:
– Ability to flip enemy’s counters
– Case of airfield downgrade after enemy air attack in multi-player
– Midway 2P: text explaining the surprise for the Japanese player
– Unloaded TRS should not start reloading if they stay in the hex

Update 1.9.7
Seaplane base: The maintenance capacity displayed on the counter takes into account tender sin the hex

Torpedo Alley, land reinforcement option : Chitose’s group starts at Kavieng

Update 1.9.6
Bug fixes:
– Revenge raids : retreating TF were blocked in hex 3357
– Autopilot flag were not removed when the TF reaches its destination

Update 1.9.5
– Scenarios: miscellaneous bug/freeze fixes
– Close button added to the Ship and TF info sub windows
– En route target change

Update 1.9.3
Bug fixes
– Eastern Salomon freeze after set-up with random Japanese option
– Rare case with ASW air operation

Update 1.9.2
– SBD air-to-ground payload minor display fix in Air op
– Enemy seaplane base detected. The hex number was displayed as 0
– MP: deletion of finished game on day 3 19:40
– The Hangar’s priority flag was sometimes hindered by the ASW box
– Should clean up ghost TF and airstrikes from the map when necessary
– It is not possible to send an airstrike against a submarine (submerged). This was causing freezes