Patch 1.8 Cross-platform multi-player

Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal


– Play against anyone over Internet on PC/Mac/iOS/Android
– Turn-by-turn asynchronous 2-player game. You don’t need to both connected at the same time
– Take your time to play against a challenging human opponent
– The game state is automatically saved in the cloud
– Login and notifications by email
– Less cheat opportunity
– The multi-player is free for the time being. If run-time costs of the online architecture become expensive, then a small fee may be asked to players


– Display the day of event
– Select a hex number in a log event to center the map on it

– The map is now entirely displayed in 2D
– The zoom has less inertia

Fog of War
– Non-disclosure in the log or damage window of accurate info on damage enemy ships
– Sunk ships should not be automatically as sunk at the end of battle. Another round of air observation might be needed
– Sunk ships during battle could still be possible mistaken
– Airstrikes may be detected across several phases, possibly increasing intelligence on them

– Support request, chosen options & modules available on each saved game tile
– TF Merge: some rules were not always enforced when all ships were stacked on left or right panel