Version 1.3 coming soon…


New option to manage your seaplanes (DLC)
– See and access seaplane bases
– Click on any ship carrying seaplanes to enter Air Op with a zoom on current TF
– Launch Search and CAP missions
– Create seaplane base with tenders TF located in a seaplane spot hex
– You are also allowed to observe and attack enemy seaplane bases by air and by sea

• Counters colors have been aligned with their search pattern
• No choice of speed in the search pattern anymore. Seaplanes will always be slow and others fast
• When seaplanes are manageable by the computer, surface TF will send reco seaplanes more often
• Intercepted scouts have less chance to transmit TF position
• Overcast and rain have more effects on detection

Scenarios update
• Extra seaplane tenders
• Less fuel on airfields for 2P games
• Wake starts with less fuel to prevent abused rebasing to the island from US CV
• Coral Sea New set-up and victory condition
• Eastern Solomon : new option for F4F

• Slight improvement of Air-to-air combat table
• Observing an enemy airstrike won’t reveal the exact payload of the bombers until they reach their target. Will these G4M go for your TRS or for Henderson Field ?
• When a TF and a friendly base share the same hex, sum their heavy AA

Naval bombardment
• Bombardment effects have been increased to match reality, check the rules
• Aircraft destroyed by naval bombardment are concealed to the enemy

The game takes less memory. A prerequisite for the adaptation for mobile devices.
Support of touch screen for the zoom.