War & Peace, Game of the Napoleonic Wars – Digital version + 7th edition of the boardgame ?

First of all, thanks you for your support. Since end 2018, a lot of things have been achieved:

  • Steam launch
  • iOS upgrade
  • Android launch
  • Multiplayer multi-platform
  • 3 DLC bringing more features and scenarios
  • and many smaller enhancement

After a lot of Carrier Battles, my second game in preparation, based on the superb work achieved by Mark McLaughin : War and Peace, Game of the Napoleonic wars. It covers the whole campaigns of the era from 1796 till 1815.

War and Peace - Avalon

Check out the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign which is about to start this Friday 🙂 And the official website for the game !

War and Peace - Kickstarter

There is even the possibility of a boardgames reprint !

Cheers !


PS: This does not mean, Carrier Battles is frozen but it will evolve at a slower pace.