Version 1.1 et patchs mineurs

Liste des modifications de ces récents patchs.

Update 1.1.3

– Santa Cruz: the last star-hex on Guadalcanal was not removed before day 3
– May solve sound volume discrepancies between main menu and map

Update 1.1.2

Bug fixes
– Prohibited moves around hex 4047
– The chosen payload was not kept when moving an air unit to the deck
– Although an airfield has been neutralized, it was reappearing on map after reloading the saved game
– Santa Cruz: the restricted are (star-hexes)was not visually updated on map

Update 1.1.1

– Aborted planes were recovering
– Potential incomplet left menu when loading the map
– Tooltip not showing latest weather

Work on PBEM and Asiatic language in quiet progress (summer time 🙂 )

Version 1.1 Update

List of additions, modifications and changes – V 1.1


Improved behaviour of screened edge scrolling
Possibility to hide the hex grid
Hexes are thinner
Hex numbers are displayed by a right-click
Wind direction and rain/storm sounds on right-click
Possibly to display the distance from the last selected TF on the map
Use the TAB key to iterate through your TF and airstrikes
Use the SPACE key to advance by one phase
Short reminder of the sequence of a day on the briefing and as a tooltip over the clock
Show the hangar capacity above the hangar in the AirOperation screen

Air combat

New result for the air-to-air combat table : bomber confused. Pressed by enemy fighter, it will attack a random ship with a penalty. This increase a bit CAP effectiveness while keeping the same loss level among bombers
SBD add only +1 to air combat against unescorted bomber


Better management of seaplanes when merging or detaching TF
No more VP for inoperative runways
display bug fixes

Update 1.0.19

– Freeze fix which could be observed during a jump of several hours
– You may force the CAP to land by dragging air units to the hangar

Update 1.0.18

– Bismarck Sea: Allied TRS cannot move before Day 2 20:00
– Possible freeze when moving a TF to Rabaul
– Better refresh of all different predicted times when an air unit is moved to a mission box (useful for deal with deck crowding)