Patchs 1.1.8 à 1.2.3

Liste des modifications de ces récents patchs.

Update 1.2.2 & 1.2.3
– Prevent merging with the enemy !
– When clicking on the timer, you should see only air units in preparation for the selected CV, not for the whole TF

Update 1.2.1
– If a player’s email is not part of a PBEM game, he/she won’t be able to open the saved game
– fix a potential crash related to seaplane rebase

Update 1.1.11
– Minor fixed related to the Deck/Runway box
– Correct surface value for BB Yamato and Wicker-class DD

Update 1.1.10
– Added more controls to avoid freeze at the end of tutorial
– All the reasons preventing a mission to be planned may be displayed in the destination boxes (night, damaged…)
– Music volume was reset to the sound volume after quitting a game back to the main menu

Update 1.1.9
Cruisers are now correctly sending out their seaplanes as scouts and seaplanes do not run out fo fuel under normal conditions

Update 1.1.8
– Fix navigation issue caused by mandatory retreat when North of the Louisiades (both CV and surfaces TF)
– Erratum for the search formula in the rules
– If you attempt to engage a TF which turns out not to be in the attacked hex, this ghost TF will be disappear from map
– Avoid a case IA ships were using anti-shipping missiles in 42 (they were attacking at distance)

Now left with a fuel issue with seaplanes