Patchs à 1.3.4

Liste des modifications de ces récents patchs.

Update 1.3.4

Improve the drag and drop behaviour for the air operations

Update 1.3.3

– Transfer airstrike could be sometimes oriented to the NE instead of pointing to their airbase
– IA was optimising the player’s search pattern from cruisers
– Small graphic fixes for the airstrike detail view

Update 1.3.2

Fixed an issue preventing TF merging


Bug fixes
– Backgrounds of Air to sea and air to ground battles were invented
– PBEM the target of assembling large airstrikes could disappear
– False warning messages on landing seaplanes
– Display warning message if the user has not given permission to the document folder or attempt to change the search pattern while there are still air units following it

Eastern Salomon: set-up reworked