Patchs 1.3.5 to 1.3.9

Liste des modifications de ces récents patchs.

Update 1.3.9
Bug fixes
– Double sound when clicking on saved games button
– Title of A2S or A2G battles
– Coral Sea: VP for Operation RY
– Display issues at the end of the scenario (Air Op, scenario info)
– Save selected screen resolution

Update 1.3.8
– The last Victory item description was disappearing when going for the second time on the description page
– Description of VP earned by striking at Rabaul in Revenge Raids scenario
– Improve checks performed during TF merge

Update 1.3.7
A little one for the New Year, Happy Gaming for all !

– Miscellaneous bug fixes related to the absence of target
– Opponent TF name should not be visible on the TF detailed view
– Game end came too early for scenarios which started at 00:00
– Passage south of Bougainville for carriers

Update 1.3.5 & 1.3.6
– Seaplanes about to land were not displayed in the Air Op screen if not selecting the seaplane base exclusively
– Misaligned legend text for the info you get on airstrike by a right-click on the counter
– Coal Sea: issue with the victory screen and TF RY

Ability to deactivate / activate the seaplane DLC feature via the settings