Patchs 1.1.10 – 1.11.11

Liste des modifications de ces récents patchs.

Update 1.11.11
Bug fixes:

  • Detach action was not responsive

Update 1.1.10
Indian Ocean Raid

  • Reduced British seaborne AA
  • Sea hurricane air-to-air rating drops to 2.
  • CAP Vectoring: only for a CV with operative air radar.
  • CAP vectoring: roll 2 dice and keep the average between the 2 if the second one is better than the first.
  • Wrong coastwatchers intelligence
  • Side selection buttons bear British colours

Possibly to give up a game form the saved game tile.

Bug fixes:

  • Shift f 1/2 column on other maps than the Indian Ocean which render selection a bit frustrating
  • All scenarios involving BB Indiana, Washington or Massachusetts were spoiled by an empty map
  • Music stops
  • Random direction for retreating forces
  • Left menu button spacing for ultra-wide screen
  • The withdrawal direction for retiring forces was at random.

Technical Upgrade Unity.